Spinner rings are relatively a new concept in jewellery and silver spinner rings have grown to be a rage in the world of fashion jewellery. Though they have grown in popularity recently they have been around from previous generations.

Silver spinner rings

Silver spinner rings are truly marvellous and an example of fine craftsmanship and high quality. They feature a unique design with the ring having an out band which can be spun physically around the inner ring.

Most spinner rings are made of silver; they not only look beautiful but also withstand the wear and rubbing better than soft metals like gold. Silver Spinner Rings are truly beautiful and not all know of their real magic!

Silver spinner rings are made out of the finest quality jewellery grade silver with various designs on the portion of the ring that spins. Things like ropes, braiding, celtic braids or knots are some of the most standard of designs used.

Spinner RingsYou could also go for spinner rings that are smooth with no engravings on the surface. Some of them have words instead of patterns to either calm the mind or remind one of some important thing in their life.

These rings though are fashionable and considered real chic, the main reason for wearing them is to bring in calming effect to the person wearing it while the outer band is spun manually against the base ring. Wearing silver spinner rings is believed to reduce the levels of anxiety and tension in the wearer while going through a stressful situation.

To ensure that these silver spinner rings are more effective they should be able to slide smoothly on the outer portion of the ring if not the wearer would be tugging and twisting the ring rather than spinning the centre portion.

How do silver spinner rings work?

Silver spinner rings are designed in a unique manner where the mid portion of the bank spins freely on the part that circles the ring finger and when a person wearing it plays with that part of the ring that moves freely his hands are occupied going through a repetitive motion and this has a soothing and calming effect on the mind which helps to reduce stress and tension.

The spinner ring also works as a helpful tool for those who meditate by enabling them to focus their thoughts before they begin to meditate.

How do spinner rings help in meditation?

People who practice meditation find silver Spinner Rings truly helpful; the portion of the ring that moves helps to concentrate the mind while the fingers are occupied trying to spin the centre band of the ring. This activity moots all other sounds providing a serene and peaceful atmosphere which is so conducive for meditation. Since the spinner ring is worn always, the person wearing it can achieve tranquillity of the mind where ever he/she may be and practice the techniques of meditation with ease.

How do silver spinner rings provide stress relief?

Silver spinner rings are pretty similar to worry beads and the Chinese balls which are considered to be stress relieving gadgets; they also help to relieve one of negative emotions and for those who are nervous this ring is a wise purchase mainly on the emotional management front apart from making one sport a stylish look.

While the wearer focuses on the moving symbols the brain is kept occupied and the mind stays in one place instead of running off in different directions. The hand and eye movements that are repeated continuously help to sooth the wearer.

This silver spinner ring does not attract the onlookers attention since it passes off as casual jewellery worn discretely not letting other people know of the actual purpose of wearing it.

Why is silver mostly used for spinner rings?

Though this smart and stylish accessory is made in various designs the material used is mostly silver. Jewellery made out of silver is timeless and has a class and elegance of its own. It is a shiny and reflective metal that gives it a classy finish and being less expensive than other precious metals it is affordable to many.

However the silver used for these spinner rings is not 100% pure since it is too soft for crafting jewellery; it has to be mixed with other metal and this makes sterling silver the best option for making classy silver spinner rings.

Silver spinner rings come in handy not only for relieving you of your stress and tension but also to make a fashion statement simultaneously.

Do spinner rings really work?

Spinner ring is just a ring and is imbibed with no magical powers; it is the spinning of the ring that brings in a calming effect. Don’t get carried away thinking this ring has some mystical powers for reducing your anxiety; it is just the way you spin it that is relaxing to the brain.

For the spinner ring to work you have to find an association with the ring which starts off with you figuring what you wish to associate the ring with, it could be a happy thought, a great vacation, or the waves of the beach with their calming sounds.

There are some who prefer positive affirmations to themselves which can actually make one feel very powerful and energetic.

There are yet some others who like to associate the ring with a person who makes them totally stress free; example could be a little child, family, friend or a lover.

Not over yet; there are others who prefer to be associated with something they would need to remember to do such as slowing down their breathing while having an anxiety attack for overcoming anxiety symptoms.

So you have to figure out for yourself which of the above you wish to have for an association. And whatever you choose it should be something for freeing you of your anxiety and above all you should find a relaxing environment such as a quiet park, or a cosy room that is special to you to follow this procedure and see how your silver spinner rings jump to your side!