Spinner rings to reduce anxiety

Before we see what spinner rings are and how they help to reduce anxiety when faced with stressful situation we shall talk a little about rings as jewellery pieces.

Finger rings have been around right from the ancient Egyptian, Greek and Roman times thousands of years ago. Rings grew to be one among the most valuable and precious jewellery pieces especially the wedding rings that symbolise eternal love and bonding between two people.

Rings today are available in various designs, styles, materials, and prices to suit different personalities and purposes. And one among them is the Spinner Rings which grew in popularity in recent times and is among the latest favourites in the fashion jewellery industry globally. These spinner rings have been in vogue from decades though have made a comeback during recent times.

Spinner RingsA little about a spinner ring

The spinner ring is said to have come from ancient Tibetan meditation traditions and was known as the ‘worry ring’ since spinning the ring is believed to calm the mind and body.

A spinner ring is just like any other ring you wear on your finger and this is generally made out of silver for the sheer beauty of this material and for its better wear and tear.

The unique speciality of this spinner ring lies in its inner band locked in place that can be spun with the remainder of the rings stays in one place. Though some people believe that this ring by itself is a cure for anxiety this ring alone is most unlikely to work as a stress buster; using the ring for spinning on the finger though is extremely valuable to reduce anxiety.

Various studies found that the spinning of this ring repeatedly is what helps to calm the mind when faced with stressful situations. Spinning of the ring repeatedly can reduce the levels of anxiety and tension and this is also useful during meditation to keep the mind concentrated. The mind stays focused while the fingers are engaged in spinning the band. This is the reason why these rings are also known as prayer rings, worry rings and anxiety rings.

Using a spinner ring

You often see people who are anxious either bite their nails constantly or pick on them while some keep on fidgeting with something or the other in their hands.

Now spinner rings are designed exactly for this, to fidget with; and this is a less obvious way to fidget. While one spins the centre ring taking deep breaths help in calming the mind and bringing on a higher meditative state.

Can spinner ring really calm anxiety?

Let me tell you, there is no substitute to a comprehensive medical treatment for anxiety; this is not a condition that can be ignored. You need to learn ways and strategies to cure yourself of this condition once and for all.

Spinner rings is like a tool that can be used during times of intense anxiety and stress to reduce the mounting tension and to calm your nerves down but let me put it straight, the spinner ring has no magical curing powers.

So, any time you feel tensed or anxious, think of the spinner ring on your finger and start spinning it and you will surely feel a little more relaxed and calm.

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